Wedding in Mauritius

Wedding in Mauritius

Getting Married in Mauritius

Wedding in Mauritius with Expedition Tour is not only romantic but it’s also at affordable price. Check our wedding packages 2021. You can get married in Mauritius go on honeymoon in one of our proposal accommodation.

If you plan to GET MARRIED IN MAURITIUS, make sure to send copies of wedding legal requirements before arrival. For an exact detailed budget of the wedding of your dream, it is better to contact our wedding planner.

Find out more about wedding venues. Whether you are looking for a beach wedding or a private location to tie the knot. We will take care of every detail and ensure that your special day is memorable and stress-free.

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Wedding Services

Wedding Services in Mauritius offered professionally by Expedition Tour to assist you with all of your Wedding service requirements, including Wedding Planners and Coordinators, Photographers, Video, Flowers, Decoration, Limousine Hire and all other tiny details in making your wedding party one of a kind.  Please do not hesitate to contact our wedding coordinators to obtain supplementary information.

Wedding Decoration in Mauritius


Beach wedding ideas is a desire of many couples. Wedding is without a doubt an affair of many details and one of the most important aspects of it all are the wedding venue decoration and setting for the ceremony as the most photographs will be taken there.

Beach wedding is certainly one of the most romantic settings for weddings. A place of tranquillity, beauty and impeccable surrounding nature, this is already a divine stage of its own. By reason of the natural, there is a minimum of work to be done in the decoration.

The wedding decor you choose for your special day creates an atmosphere and sets the style. Wedding decor includes everything from flowers decoration, bouquets, boutonnieres, chair covers, table decorations to a wedding reception.

Whether you’re having an intimate gathering or a lavish affair, Trendy Settings will help you reflect your individual style, and realize your dream wedding or function. From romantic to nostalgic, traditional too simplistic, we have a large range of quality items to set the scene. We have great ideas, plenty of good advice and the know-how to bring it all together.

Allow our wedding planners to assist you with a selection of quality wedding decorations including ceremony décor, beach gazebos, unique centrepieces, chair covers, table and more.

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Wedding Flower Mauritius


If you are planning a wedding and are not sure which wedding flowers to need, look no further. Where to start and how can I get a quote for my wedding flowers Mauritius?

Get started with this straightforward and easy wedding flower guide. First, you must choose a colour scheme and a theme for your wedding. This will help you decide what kind of flowers, colours, and styles of arrangements you’ll need. To assist you, we’ve also compiled a list of flowers with their available colours and meanings.

Choose flowers that complement the colour scheme of your wedding

Wedding Cake Mauritius


A wedding cake is an amalgamation of the right flavour, right shape, and size with decoration and topper. All these elements in the wedding cake have to synchronize with each other. The wedding cake idea that the couple has chosen should be unique and the guests should remember it for some years down the line.
Many different designs, types, colours, flavours, designer, prices and shapes of wedding cakes to choose from. The best way to choose what you like is to look at pictures of cakes.

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Wedding Video Mauritius

Always evoke the harmonious sounds of mirth, the sincere speeches, and the bright smiles. Our aim is to allow you to watch your treasured wedding movie with your children and your grandchildren and to let your romantic tale and film live evermore!


Every single wedding solidly holds a romantic novel behind it which can be captured and transformed into a lengthy and impressive wedding video! A wonderful shot wedding film will not only describe and speak your love story but will bestow you and your invitees a distinctive and unique moment to remember!  Here are different masterpieces of our wedding video artists who have meticulously converted the dreams of some of our clients into real life!

Video Package for your Wedding

When the day is done, the video graph will create the perfect custom high fashion videos for you to cherish for all time.

Including consultation with your Expedition Tour videographer

  • unlimited coverage of 6 hours by a certified Expedition Tour videographer
  • Shot in High Definition
  • Wedding Highlight – 5 – 10 minutes version highlighting your special day
  • Full-Length Edit – 45 minute to 1-hour version custom edited to your preferences to tell your story.

To ensure that your wedding memories captured on video meet and even exceed your expectations all Mauritian wedding videographers represented on this site are accredited, highly experienced professionals in the domain of photography and video making.

Expedition Tour offers complete Video Packages!

Wedding Photographers Mauritius


The successful wedding photo album isn’t just a collection of photographs – it’s the first record of a brand new family, a treasured heirloom-in-the-making, to be handed down from one generation to the next.

The good news is – your wedding photographs don’t have to cost a fortune. To illustrate this, the price of all our collections includes high-resolution disks of every image, so that you can print as many images as you wish – at any colour laboratory.

Our professional and qualified wedding photographers have more than eight years of experiences in the fields of photography. They are specialized in wedding photography on Mauritius Island and portrayed more than 1,000 wonderful wedding ceremonies during the years by combining classic traditional imaging with modern techniques. Our photographers will make sure that your wedding photos will be the best quality pictures available.

Our team focuses meticulously on wedding photography poses as the photographers boast some predefined poses and scads of candid moments to be kept as a keepsake for the future.

Wedding Photography Tips
In general, there are 3 style categories that a wedding photographer will be influenced by namely portraiture, photo-journalistic and artistic.
Portraiture – This style provides for more classically posed images and will have a lot of hands-on photographer interaction on the day of the wedding.

Traditional – This style provides for more classically posed images and will have a great deal of hands-on photographer interaction on the day of the wedding.

Photo-journalistic – A wedding photojournalist is a person who takes photographs using a photo is taken suddenly to emphasize the genuine emotions on the day

Artistic – This photographic style allows for the art of telling a story, the photographer benefits of nature and unusual effects of light, picturesque scenery and different angles.

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Wedding Planner In Mauritius

Planning a wedding in Mauritius can be difficult to arrange without help. The best choice would be to consult a wedding planner to get maximum wedding information about civil wedding Mauritius, formalities, and wedding venue and to make sure, that everything goes smoothly and perfect for your wedding day.

Wedding Planner Service

Wedding Planners play a major role for couples who are planning a destination wedding, where the documentation and the administrative formalities may be complicated. Our Wedding Planner will take care and guide you through every different procedure of the wedding mainly the civil marriage and is involved in the design of the venue decor and setting, flowers, cake, planning and managing for your wedding day.

Marriage is a special moment in every couple’s life and it is a wonderful wedding which makes this unique event unforgettable. Tie the marriage knots on the dream island of Mauritius!

Expedition Tour is specialized to organize marriages for wedding couples and their guests from overseas. We assist you with all preparations, from a wedding reception and wedding ceremony to exclusive event planning and help for the completion of the inevitable ‘odds and concern’. And all this at prices that are also affordable for the smaller budget. We also speak different languages like German, English, French, and others.

We are at your disposal in organizing your whole wedding package, from assistance in selecting and decorating the venue for the marriage ceremony, accommodation booking, wedding banns order, affidavit, legalization and document processing, providing of the witnesses, transportation services for the wedding couple and their guests, connection to professional service providers for shoes, wedding dress, hairdressers, make-up artists, jewellers, photographers, musicians, florists, caterers and support for special needs and activities, honeymoon packages and much more.


Learn About Having Your Weddings

It is up to you how you want to get marry in Mauritius. A simple wedding package or a low-cost wedding. This varies depending on what the bride and groom need. Find more on our 7 beach wedding packages.

We assist you with all your Wedding services requirements. In our packages including Wedding Planners and Coordinators as well as Photographers, video. Flowers, Decor, Limousine Hire and all other tiny details to make your wedding party one of a kind.

For more info, check out our wedding FAQs.

Hotel Wedding

Most hotels recommended for your honeymoon will offer the newlyweds gifts or gifts.