Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions Expedition Tour Mauritius

In these Terms and Conditions “Company” means Expedition Tour in Mauritius. “Client” means the person in whose name or on whose behalf the reservation is made.


All reservations have to be made in written form. Reservations by phone are not accepted. The contract comes in to effect upon receipt of the corresponding confirmation.

Deposit and Final Payment

After the conclusion of the contract or within 7 workdays upon receipt of the reservation invoice the Client must pay a minimum deposit of 30% of total invoice amount. The outstanding amount has to be paid at least one month’s prior arrival in Mauritius. In case of the conclusion of contracts within 30 days prior to arrival in Mauritius the Client is obliged to immediately pay the entire tour price and will receive the guarantee certificate. If for any reason deposit payment or outstanding amount is not received by the due date the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking. Payments should be made by bank transfer or credit card (Visa / MasterCard).

Payment by Credit Card

Visa and MasterCard are accepted. The Company will levy a 4% handling fee on such payments. For using credit card the Client is asked to complete, sign

and return the “Credit Card Certification” form within 3 workdays after invoice issued date. The Company will send a confirmation of the payment to the Client as soon as clearance is received from the bank. The credit card transaction can take up to 5 workdays to be cleared. If the credit card is in a name other than traveller Company will require written or faxed authorization from cardholder, including a photocopy of both sides of the card itself, before any payment can be released.


An amendment fee of € 15 may be payable for changes made after a booking has been confirmed and will apply once a deposit is paid.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation of reservation must be made in writing to the Company and will incur cancellation charges in accordance with the following table:

  • Date of booking to 60 days prior to arrival: € 100
  • 60 to 40 days prior to arrival: 15 % of holiday costs
  • 39 to 30 days prior to arrival: 30 % of holiday costs
  • 29 to 15 days prior to arrival: 50 % of holiday costs
  • 14 to 7 days prior to arrival: 75 % of holiday costs
  • Less than 7 days or no-show: 100 % of holiday costs

Cancellation while on vacation: No refunds are given on any activities, sightseeing tours, accommodation or meals.

Un-used Service

The Company will not be liable to give the Client a refund for any unused services, irrespective of whether they form part of the basic inclusive holiday price, or whether they are in respect of pre-booked optional arrangements.


The Company in providing the arrangement to customers is acting at all times as the agent of the transportation operators, owners of accommodation and providers of activities, which take place. The Company shall not be liable to the Client for:

(a) Any death, personal injury, sickness, damage, accident, delay, consequential loss or other irregularity.

(b) Any act, omission or default of any hotel company, game lodge, air carrier, supplier, car rental agencies or other person, or by servant or agent of the same name.

(c) Any changes, omissions or delays, before or during the course of any published holiday.

(d) Loss or damage to baggage and other personal effects, whether temporary or permanent, however caused and whether due to negligence of any person or not.

The Company does not accept responsibility, liability, towards any traveler who contravenes any law or regulation of Mauritius. The laws of The Republic of Mauritius govern this agreement. Any liability of the Company to the Client will be limited to the total amount paid by the Client to the Company for the holiday. The Company warrants that any “problem” brought to its attention will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt and that everything will be done to obtain speedy answers from relevant parties.

Tour Operator’s Responsibility The Company is acting as a Tour Operator and makes arrangements with coach companies, transfer operators, shore excursion operators, hotels and other independent parties to provide you with the travel services and other services you purchase. Although the Company takes reasonable care in selecting these suppliers, the Company is unable and does not have any control over them and therefore cannot be responsible for their acts or omissions. The travel services provided are subject to the Travel Industry Act (Ont.), Travel Agent’s Act (BC) and Regulations there under and are subject to the conditions imposed by the suppliers and their liability is limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets and vouchers and international conventions and agreements (e.g.; The Warsaw Convention, The Athens Convention & The London Convention). The Company shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury, whether physical or mental, resulting from any delay, substitution of equipment, or any act, omission, negligence or commission of any party supplying any of the services or accommodation herein, its agents, servants, employees, subcontractors, or for any claims for such loss, damage or injury, whether physical or mental, arising there from, or from any cause that arises by reason of actions of parties other than the Tour Operator. The Company reserves the right to decline any Client as a member of these tours at any time.

Prices do not include

All prices provide by the Company do not include costs of obtaining visas, passports, flight tickets, telephone calls, laundry, entertainment arrangements not shown in the itinerary, meals and beverages unless actually specified, medical claims, travel and medical insurance, and any other items of a personal nature. Prices do not include taxes other than those required by Mauritian law.


Standard travel insurance is advisable for all travelers. Clients must take a travel and a medical insurance to cover personal accident, medical expenses, loss of baggage and personal effects, loss of deposit or tour fare through delays, cancellations and other unforeseen events.

Passport and Visa

The Client, before arrival to Mauritius, must obtain all passport and visa. The Company is not responsible for obtaining the Client’s passport or visa, and will not be liable for any consequences arising from the Client failing to ensure they have complied with all necessary requirements for travel such as health, and accepts no liability for incorrect or invalid passport or visa.

Claims The Client agrees that any claim against the Company shall be made by the client in writing and received by the Company no later than 30 days after the event causing the claim. Claims or demands made after 30 days will not be responded to. Claims must be in writing and sent by registered mail to the address of the Company, below, prior to the commencement of any legal proceeding and under no circumstances shall you claim from the Company

an amount in excess of the costs of the vacation paid by you.

Client Responsibility

Clients must complete and sign a booking form acknowledging that they have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions set out above.

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