Wedding FAQ

Mauritius Wedding FAQ

Feel free to forward a photo of the shape and size of the bouquet you would prefer. In addition, you can choose the color. The florist will create bouquets using seasonally flowers, and Orchid or Roses.

You have to be on the Island 3 working days prior your wedding ceremony. One day before the wedding, you have to be at civil status office for paper work, and then the next day you can get marry.

Please note: The wedding cannot celebrate on weekend and public holidays.

Three working days after the wedding, you get the married certificate with an apostil from the Prime Minister Office. The certificate is hand over to you through our Wedding Coordinator. There is no additional fee but if we have to send the document to your home address (place of resident) an additional fee of 25 Euro will be charged.

No, all documentation are copies and they are kept on file by the Office.

Yes, please contact us for vow renewal ceremonies.

There is a cancellation on the deposit.

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You will receive your married photos, two days after the wedding (inclusive CD & Album).

Yes, we arrange catholic and Indian weddings. Please contact us for the necessary details.

Yes, the Marriage Certificate is a legal document issued by The Mauritius Government and accepted internationally.

Gather all the documents (legal papers) and send it to us by courier mail or, if time is running out, you can send documents by fax or email. We should receive documents at least 1 month prior to your wedding date. If you send documents by fax or email, do not forget to bring the originals with you.

Please note that documents submitted to the civil status office are copies.

Yes, as there are wide selections of accommodation in Mauritius but still the Civil marriage the company can organize.

Contact Expedition Tour to make a preliminary reservation for your desired Wedding date and time. As Mauritius is a very popular travel destination, make your reservation as soon as possible. Upon receipt of a deposit, we will secure the wedding date and send you the confirmation.

Because we need time to get all your wedding documentation and send it to the status office. We estimate that it will take us at least 6 weeks to organize everything perfect.

Weddings are held from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.
We recommend that you stay in Mauritius for at least three days before your wedding date.

The ceremony will last approximately 30 minutes.

1. We tell that you bring four pieces of music with you to Mauritius.

2. In preparation for the bride’s arrival.

3. When the guests sign the guest book.

4. When the officer pronounces the couple husband and wife. 5. Cake cutting ceremony

Our weddings are all civil ceremonies.

All wedding ceremonies in Mauritius will conducted in English.

If you want the ceremony to be held in a different language, please let us know. Please notify us at the time of booking

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Your marriage ceremony will be conducted by a licensed registrar. Make sure it’s legal and recognized by UK law. The minimum age to marry in Mauritius is 18 years.

If you have been divorced for more than 10 months we require a copy of your absolute judgment to be sent to our UK office.

You must take all original documents with you to Mauritius. According to Mauritian law, if the bride-to-be has been divorced for 10 months or less. A Mauritian medical certificate of non-pregnancy is required.

If the bride-to-be is already pregnant, you would have to wait until her divorce for more than 10 months.

The main focus in Mauritius is on relaxation and individual preferences. Mauritius has a tropical climate that is pleasant all year.

As a result, we recommend that the bride wear something light-weight. Linen is a popular choice for the groom, but it really comes down to personal preference.

You can wear whatever you want, from kilts to shorts. From formal wedding gowns to casual sundresses, the choice is entire yours!

Unfortunately, we are unable to organize same-sex weddings ceremonies in Mauritius

A trial session for hair and make-up can be arranged at any of our Mauritius hotels.

We do not organise insurance for you. Although there are a number companies specialises in wedding and honeymoon insurance.

All Non British passport holders need Apostle Stamp. Non-citizens of the Commonwealth need marriage certificate authenticated by an Apostille.

Note: An extra fee will charge for Apostle