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Hiking in Mauritius

Hiking in Mauritius: Explore the island nation's breath-taking nature

Hiking in Mauritius offers stunning views of mountains, rivers, and forests. Enjoy hiking, zip lining, and biking through the fields and discover this amazing natural beauty.

The volcanic island of Mauritius has many beautiful hills and valleys that can be explored on foot. The island is famous for its natural beauty. For example, Mark Twain said in his guidebook: “We know that first Mauritius was created, then paradise, and that paradise was copied after the model of Mauritius.”

 Mauritius offers a variety of walking and trekking tours around the Basalt Mountains and other scenic spots, as well as parks and reserves. Each peak offers stunning panoramic views of this breath-taking wonderland. Trekking in Mauritius, where you can see native plants and birds, such as Black River Gorge National Park, or trekking to the peaks of Mauritius, such as Le Pousse and Black River Peak, will provide you with unforgettable memories and countless moments. “Kodak”.

4 Spots for Hiking in Mauritius