Shopping In Mauritius

Shopping In Mauritius

From The Bazaar To The Shopping Malls

Shopping in Mauritius

From its colorful markets to its large shopping malls, Mauritius offers a very interesting range of shopping possibilities to any potential shopper. Jewelry, model ships, beachwear, and casual wear, handicraft, and duty-free products are offered to suit your needs.

If you are out colour and folklore, take a walk through the Port- Louis Central Market, a true mirror of the island’s traditions. Everything there captures the essence of Mauritius; local handicrafts, colourful sarongs, vegetables and fruits baskets, spics, etc. Do not miss the stand kept by the herbalist who offers a range of infusions as cures against all illnesses. The merchants will also offer you a taste of many local delicacies.

The same picturesque setup is found in the regional markets, the most popular being those of Goodlands, Flacq, Mahebourg, or Quatre-Bornes in the centre of the island. In these bazaars, a wide range of articles is on sale for those looking for a good bargain.

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