Maison Eureka Mauritius

Maison Eureka Mauritius – (Eureka House)

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Go back in time with a visit that maintains the old colonial charm around the house.

Enjoy a guided tour of this elegant, historic colonial  Maison Eureka  also known as Eureka House in Mauritius with its beautiful gardens and the cascading river as a stunning backdrop.

  • As part of your visit and tour of the Eureka House, you’ll enjoy
  • Tour of the house of Eureka (Maison Eureka)
  • A walk through the gardens of Eureka

Traditional Mauritian lunch in the Eureka House Restaurant (optional)

Eureka House is a one-of-a-kind Creole house built in 1830 near the Moka River. It is an elegant Créole mansion that was once owned by British and French aristocrats in the 19th century. With 109 doors and windows, it is said to be one of the largest houses on the island.

The house is full of period antiques and pictures. It also has a lovely garden surrounded by the waterfalls of the Moka River. The Eureka House is famous for being one of the largest houses on the island.

In 1986, the Eureka House was renovated and opened to the public as a museum. The house is surrounded by a long, shaded veranda made of wood.

The vast grounds consist of an impressive blend of natural Mauritian plants, including palm and fruit trees, a waterfall, and an English-style garden.

The museum has spaces devoted to music, sculpture, ancient maps, Chinese and Indian household objects, and ancient artifacts such as a colonial-era tub. You’re going to get a tour of the house and its b

Eureka waterfall and the river banks

The Eureka House is far more than a house and a museum, the property has also become an attraction for nature lovers as it provides miles of hiking trails.

There are plenty of small waterfalls, endemic plants, and breathtaking views throughout the property. All here helps the visitor to relax, relax and have peace of mind.

During a guided tour of the gardens, you can discover a succession of four spectacular small waterfalls. The banks of the river are full of water lilies, “water hyacinths” and “bredes dreams”

Water life is intense under the surface of the water: scampi, Madame Céré (named after the wife of Governor Céré), tilapia, carp, and agony can be found in large quantities.

The Eureka house is also home to some uncommon endemic plants such as Pipe wood, Bastard rosewood, Powdered wood, Makak, Green mango tree, River wood, Stinking wood, Nail wood, Applewood, Ironwood, Liane to scratch, Mapou. Some native plants have been found: Adiantum Hispidulum, Mozambican Wood, Elderwood, Candle Wood, Banana Bouquet Wood, Merle Wood, Three-leaf Wood, Chenille Wood, Ebony, Tatanka.

In particular to visiting the Eureka home, you can enjoy a visit to the following places:

The Souvenir Shop: a perfect opportunity to purchase Mauritius souvenirs for your friends and family: Mauritian tea, scented candles, spices, exotic jewellery, jams, books, or scarves.

Old-fashioned cuisine: you will have the chance to taste delicious Creole cuisine, cooked in an old-fashioned way and in the purest tradition of Mauritius.

Eureka Menu for Lunch

As part of your visit to Maison Eureka, you can enjoy a delicious lunch menu and an exclusive dining experience at Maison Eureka’s restaurant specializing in traditional Mauritian cuisine at a very affordable price.

The menu for lunch consists of:

  • Smoked marlin and salad
  • Beef curry accompanied with pumpkin fricassee, pistachio Rougaille, coconut Chatini, rice, lentils, and pickles.
  • Vanilla ice cream with coconut toast
  • Coffee