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North East

Minimum Age:


Operating Hours:

6:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m

Operating Days:

All Days Except sunday


1 hour In Length

Activity Time:



Available On Supplement


Weight restrictions should be set between 40 and 95 kilograms

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About Skydiving Mauritius

Enjoy the best skydiving in Mauritius with its magnificent flights. The most scenic skydive you can imagine. This is the most scenic and awe-inspiring tandem skydiving you can imagine.
The flight before the jump offers a 360 °C view of the impressive coastline of Mauritius. This includes the interior and the landscape of the mountains.

When you reach 10,000 feet, the show begins. The plane’s door opens and you jump into a tandem parachute attached to an expert instructor.

Stretching so far into the Indian Ocean. Start from the sugar cane fields of Mon Loisir overlooking the lagoons and reefs. This is a unique opportunity for you to take flight over one of the most spectacular paradises in the world.

The total duration of the skydiving tour is roughly 1 hour, with a short duration of between 5 and 10 minutes. A flight of 25 minutes at 10,000 feet, a free fall of 30 seconds, a parachute flight of 3 to 5 minutes.

After the jump, you will receive a tandem jump certificate. To remember this experience, you can buy a USB stick with the recording of your jump.

What does the tandem jump mean? A tandem jump is a parachute jump in which one person tied to a tandem instructor does the entire jump.

Tandem jumping is the easiest way to experience free fall. The instructor is the one who makes the jump. In this way, passengers can enjoy these extraordinary moments.

The pre-jump training consists of basic training on how to get off the plane,

  • How to perform manoeuvres in free fall and how to use the main parachute yourself.
  • The instructor remains responsible for the safe and timely deployment of the parachute.

Modern parachute equipment is very reliable and malfunctions are rare. Even in the unlikely event of a main parachute failure. The system is well equipped with a reserve parachute to ensure the utmost safety.

Parachute equipment is very sophisticated nowadays.  Each of our parachutes has a safety system. There is instant the parachute opening below a certain height. In the event of a breakdown, each parachute has a second emergency wing to ensure safety.

For those who choose to have free fall baptism, it is preferable that you do a little bit of time before jumping

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need insurance?

No insurance required for tandem jumping. Registering your jump covers you for compulsory liability insurance.

Qualified instructors with the necessary certificates to practice tandem jumping in Mauritius.
There is full coverage of $ 1,000,000 per person
Each flight can accommodate up to 2 participants


285 Euro

    • Deposit – To secure your booking for the jump, a deposit of 55 euros/person is compulsory.
      The outstanding amount can pay on the day of the skydiving activity at the airfield before the jump
    • USB Stick Price – 49 Euro
      You can also have your photos or videos from your jump on a USB stick for an extra fee starting at Rs 5,500.
    • The reservation and payment of the USB stick are before the jump at the airport.
      Deposit for the reservation per participant for the tandem jump: 55 euros/person


  • Can I wear my glasses or contacts during the jump? Not a problem if you wear glasses or contact lenses. For the jump, you get special glasses that will cover your glasses or contact lenses.
  • Medical Certificate.  – For pregnant women and people with heart problems, asthma or other physical problems.
  • The activity is every day except Sundays from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Please wear shoes that remain on your feet throughout your free fall – trainers or trainers are ideal.
  • Your entire tandem jump experience will last approximately 1 hour
  • If participants diving 24 hours before the activity, they must notify the operator.
  • All participants must sign a waiver form
  •  The weight limited from 40 kg to 95 kg

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