Casela World of Adventures Mauritius

Casela World of Adventures

The Casela World of Adventures is the most visited attraction in Mauritius.

Casela World Of Adventures spreading over 250 hectares of Mauritian zoological park. It opened in 1979 in the Rivière Noire district of Mauritius. It has about 1,500 birds, lions, cheetahs, and zebras. It also has giant tortoises, monkeys, tigers, and other animals.

Casela World of Adventures is the most visited attraction in Mauritius. This picturesque natural park is in the middle of a sugarcane field, near Rampart Mountain on the west side of the island. The park has many activities. They are astonishing and entertaining. Adventurers can engage in thrilling activities. These activities include ziplining, quad biking routes, and canyoning. Those wishing to have fun with their families might visit African safari animals. These include large cats, monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, impalas, and zebras.

It’s a great place for families, friends, and newlyweds. They can make some of the best memories of their life by doing fun group activities. The park has a total area of 250 hectares.

The animals are housed in large enclosures that replicate their natural habitats. The park has a complete natural ecosystem. The animals held here can live freely and interact with visitors as if they were in the wild.

Exciting Activities in Casela World of Adventures.

Personalise your Casela experience to match your specific adventure demands and goals. You can do this by choosing from some activities. They include quad biking and mountain climbing. They also offer amazing encounters with cheetahs, lions, and camels. For an adrenaline-boosting thrill, try the Canyon Swing or the ziplines. One of them ends with a waterfall.

Casela’s 4 thematic realms are as follows:

  • Middle Mountain Kingdom: The Risk Factor, Zig Zag Racer, and Doub Doub Racer. You can do the Bridge, Zip and Splash Tour, Canyon Swing, The Deep Valley Long Fly Over, and Via Ferrata.
  • Big Cats Kingdom offers: walking with lions, interacting with lions, and driving through. It also offers cheetah, caracal, and serval interactions. You can also ride camels and interact with cubs (subject to availability).
  • Safari Kingdom includes a 1-hour quad ride and giraffe feeding. It also includes a Segway ride, a rhino encounter, and an e-bike safari.
  • Tortoise Feeding and Petting in the Kingdom


Feel the thrill of zip lines that make you feel like you’re flying. The zip lines at Casela are perfect for anyone seeking new adventures and an adrenaline rush. You can even explore the park from above with a bird’s-eye view. Nothing beats the fascinating activities on offer here to shake up your dull every day!

The Racer Doub Doub has two 80-meter zip lines side by side. With it, you can challenge others to the ultimate zip line race. If you’re feeling brave, try the Zig Zag Racer. It has 4 zip lines and offers a full zip lining experience. Or, head to The Risk Factor Bridge.

It has the Nepalese Bridge + 3 zip lines. Or, try the Zip Splash Tour. It includes 4 zip lines, one of which ends in a river. Each of these options will meet your need for newness. They will also give you a memorable experience in a beautiful natural setting.


Canyon Swing

Try the Canyon Swing. It is a new form of bungee jumping. It offers extra thrills with lots of adrenaline. Dive into the canyon among the birds and bats after jumping from the 45m high platform. You’re ready to fly between the canyons. But, first, you need to be outfitted and taught about safety. You’ll be in luck if you get to see Casela Nature Park from a great height.

Mountain Climbing

The mountain climbing trip is for athletic adventurers. It includes a Via Ferrata Canyon Tour. This tour takes you over sugarcane fields, plateaus, and tough terrain. Before you go, you will get top-notch safety gear. Expert guides will be there to help you.

Those who enjoy adventure and mountain climbing will enjoy this sport. Your experience will begin with a walk to the pinnacle of Mamzel Zabeth Mountain. This trip is physically challenging. It includes a via ferrata canyon trip at Casela. It will put you to the test.

Walk with Lions

Walking with lions, the jungle’s kings, is an unforgettable experience. The walk is beside the Rempart River. Skilled animal handlers give a briefing before you head out to roam with the king of the jungle. The lions roam alongside you. They give you the rare chance to be close to them. It’s a memorable trek!

Interaction with the Big Cats – Lions, Cheetahs & Caracals

The Big Cats Interaction at Casela Park will thrill big cat fans. They will get up close with the king of the jungle and other African safari felines. Feel the rush of emotion as you pat the majestic animal. Do so under the eye of the professional team of supervisors. Have this once-in-a-lifetime experience caught on camera!

Visiting the lions at Casela lasts 10 to 15 minutes in the cage. You can also see caracals, cheetahs, and kittens.

Contact with Cubs (where possible)

At Casela, you will get the unique opportunity to see and pet baby Simba or Nala. Make the most of this exciting opportunity to pet lion kittens. These fluffy balls of fur are often so playful and charming that you will fall in love with them! You will always remember this incredible encounter.

Encounters with Rhinos

Visiting rhinos in their cage is a special pastime. It’s for anyone who wants to see a one-ton hefty animal. Dedicated carers will always go with you. You will learn a lot about these lovely Rhino family members.

Drive Through

On the Big Cats trip in Mauritius, a 45-minute trip crosses tough terrain. It will get you closer to beautiful lions. The lions’ moods change. At times, they climb trees and play. They also pose. On a day, they can be seen doing what lions do best: laying around and watching the world go by.

Safari on an E-Bike

The E-Bike Safari allows you to explore the Casela Safari Park at your own pace. You can do this thanks to an electric bike that is completely eco-friendly.

This e-bike trip lets you have exciting interactions with African savanna creatures. And, you can do it while staying eco-friendly. Ride in the safari zone. You’ll get close to popular safari creatures. These include wildebeest, impalas, Cape Elands, and kudus.

The E-Bike Safari allows you to explore the Casela Safari Park at your own pace. You can do this thanks to an electric bike that is completely eco-friendly.

This e-bike trip lets you have exciting interactions with African savanna creatures. And, you can do it while staying eco-friendly. Ride in the safari zone. You’ll get close to popular safari creatures. These include wildebeest, impalas, Cape Elands, and kudus.

Segway Tour

Enjoy a Segway Tour in Mauritius’ Yemen Nature Reserve Park. This trip will give you a unique travel experience. You’ll ride the modern Segway transporter. You’ll ride it while exploring the safari park’s great landscape and animals. The Nature Reserve is a perfect location for a Segway tour. This is more than a Segway tour; it’s a safari adventure.

Quad Biking on Safari

You can choose the Safari Quad Biking trip for an even more exciting way to see the park. During the ride, look for deer, zebras, ostriches, and African antelopes. Also, look for wild boars and other wildlife. The trail climbs park hills, descends valleys, and crosses rivers.

These people want a private and leisurely experience. They might choose the Exclusive Safari Quad Biking. It ensures personal assistance from the guide. You can ride at your own pace without being rushed or hindered by others!

Camel Ride

Casela offers a thrilling camel ride. You will discover the picturesque Casela Park. You will enjoy wonderful views on the back of the dromedaries! A camel ride is an experience that you will never forget.

Family Activities at the Casela World of Adventures

Casela’s Zookeeper for a Day Kids Package

Give your child the chance to go behind the scenes as a real zookeeper at the park. The sanctuary houses many animals. These include birds, lions, tigers, zebras, ostriches, and giraffes. It also has many other African safari animals. Your child can do this with the Zookeeper for a Day Kids Package at Casela.

Kids will learn about the tasks of a zookeeper. They will do food prep, feeding, and animal observation. This will make them more aware of the need to conserve biodiversity. This fascinating kids’ package includes admission to the park. It also includes a “Zookeeper” t-shirt, lunch, drinks, and a group photo.

Petting Zoo

It is a great chance for animal lovers of all ages. This is especially true for children. They can interact with farm animals. The little farm’s rabbits, fawns, and other pals provide a heart-warming experience. They are bottle-fed (for a supplement) or just hand-fed. This is a great chance for children to learn about animals and get closer to nature. It is also an ideal place for children to engage with farm animals.

Feeding of Giraffes Ostriches

Your children are curious about what giraffes look like and how they live. Bring them to Casela World of Adventures to meet the world’s tallest mammal.

Giraffes are friendly, and they will all be glad to feed by children. Why not feed the world’s highest birds while feeding the world’s tallest animals? You will also get to see the world’s tallest and largest birds, ostriches. You will be able to get up close to them. These big, flightless birds are a remarkable sight. They are one-of-a-kind and will make you grin.

Tortoises Feeding

Tortoises are gentle creatures that are ideal for children. Also, at the park, children will feed the Aldabra giant tortoises. They are one of the world’s largest tortoise

Pony Riding

The Pony Ride begins with the goat enclosure and proceeds to the pigs, fawns, and calves. A pro staff member supervises the ride. They make sure your child has a safe and fun time with Casela’s cute animals.

Casela Nature Park in Mauritius – World of Adventures

A visit to the park includes the following activities:

  • The Safari Bus excursion is delightful and entertaining. You can see zebras, ostriches, rhinos, impalas, and wildebeest.
  • Walk through the aviary. Explore it and meet many colourful bird species from around the world.
  • View Giraffes and Pygmy Hippos up close. See these majestic animals for an unforgettable experience.
  • You will see camels and llamas. They are two of the kindest and most loving animals you will ever meet. Spend time getting to know these incredible creatures.
  • Kid’s playground – A fun children’s playground that the kids will enjoy!
  • Avalanche Mines (Toboggan) – an exciting fun ride on Mauritius’ first toboggan slide. The toboggan consists of two slides situated on a hill, one of which is equipped with buoys.
  • Monkey Kingdom is fun to watch. The long-tailed monkeys skip and hop in their improved, natural home.
  • The petting farm and tortoise enclosure are great for all ages. They are especially good for kids. You can pet farm animals and tortoises there.
  • Tulawaka Gold Coaster – An 800m long adrenaline-pumping mountain coaster. It is ideal for thrill seekers and may be ridden solo or in tandem.
  • The Discovery Centre has a 4D film. It shows natural science and Mauritius history. They are revealed through gigantic 3D maps.

Customised Activity Packages at Casela

Get the Tailor Made Casela Day Package. It gives you most freedom. You can create your own customised programme of fun and thrilling activities. They are all pre-booked for your satisfaction.

You can also add a great lunch at the park’s restaurant. You can also add a pick-up and drop-off service from your accommodation to your package.

Park facilities


The Casela Restaurant is the best spot to relax. You can take in the breath-taking views of Tamarin Bay and the Mauritian West Coast. The restaurant serves Mauritian, European, and Asian cuisines. It also has a children’s menu. It all overlooks the breathtaking natural surroundings. There are also many dining options in the park. They can suit your tastes.

Shops that sell gifts.

Gifts and keepsakes to remember your day or to please friends and family. The shops have it all. They have little souvenirs of your stay or something for the kids. They also have great designer African crafts, fabrics, and jewelry.

Extra information about the Casela world of adventures Mauritius


Casela opened its doors as a bird sanctuary in December 1979. It became a must-see place in Mauritius. This is due to its many experiences that always seem to outdo each other. Whether it’s quad riding or a bus safari, or amazing encounters with big animals. You can also cross a Nepalese bridge or zipline above forests and valleys.

The activities available in this one-of-a-kind venue have only grown over time. Today, visitors can feed the giraffes, lorikeets, and pygmy hippopotamus. They can ride a camel through the park’s hills or fish for tilapias. They can also take an e-bike safari tour of the area.


Casela World of Adventures is keeping its initial mission. It is more committed than ever to protecting endangered species.

In February 2015, the park became a prominent player. It did so by welcoming Her Royal Highness Princess Stephanie of Monaco as its new patron. Princess Stephanie is well-known for her work in elephant conservation in Asia. She supported the efforts of Mauritius’ top tourism attraction.

Important Information

Location: Royal Road, Cascavelle, Mauritius

Days and hours of operation: daily from 09h00 to 17h00

Please note that Casela World of Adventures closes on December 25th and January 1st.

Bring mosquito repellent, comfy clothes, and extra clothes, in case.