Seaplane Flight Tour Mauritius

Seaplane Flight Tour Mauritius

Island Wings 

Located on the Mon Loisir Sugar Estate next to the Riviere du Rempart. (In the beautiful North East region of Mauritius.) This life changing attraction is called Island Wings.

Skydive Austral Mauritius houses Island Wings’ operational facilities. A tandem skydiving company that has a private airstrip at Mon Loisir. Bruno and Gaetan own and operate Island Wings.

Owners' Biography

Bruno is interested in aviation and mechanics. He has a lot of experience flying microlights. He is also one of the first people in Mauritius to fly a microlight plane.

He is an expert in piloting a variety of amphibious microlight planes. He has logged over 2000 hours of flight time.

Gaetan is not only an aviation enthusiast, but he is the founder of Skydive Austral Mauritius. It had always been his dream to fly a small plane over Mauritius. He was able to do so because he has been flying microlights for more than three years.

About the Microlight Planes

Island Wings provides its services using the world’s popular three-axle microlight models. All the planes run on Rotax 912 engines. Equipped with VHF radios and Plane emergency parachutes to ensure more safety.

Here are the four microlight planes you’ll find at Island Wings.

  • Savannah S
  • Skyranger
  • Junior Ekolot
  • X-Air
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Savannah S

With 2000 units sold, the Savannah S is one of the most popular ULMs in the world.

Because of its wide range of low and high-speed flight capabilities. It is used for training and other flight operations such as aerial photography.

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It is reputed as one of the first 3-axle microlight planes to be operated in Mauritius by Bruno.

Another interesting fact about the Skyranger is that it has been a world champion many times.

Primarily, it is used for training purposes.

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Junior Ekolot

This aircraft from Poland is made of vinester resin and carbon fiber.

It’s a modern aircraft with a sleek design that’s ideal for sightseeing.

It only takes off from Lox Grand Gaube.



The Island Wings have had this amphibious seaplane for ten years and it has been a huge success.

It is the most preferred aircraft for water and has flown over 2800 hours in the last ten years. The aircraft is built in Randkar, France. It takes off from both the airfield and the Lux Grand Gaube

Runway tours and seaplane tours are available from Island Wings. Let us take a more in-depth look at them:

Tours of the Runway – itinerary

  • Cardinal
  • Cateau Vert
  • Kestrel
  • Paille En Queue

Best Seaplane Mauritius With Prices


After taking off from the runaway at Mon Loisir Estate. The plane heads towards the Haute Rive. – Roches Noires Lagoon and takes you to Ile D’Ambre island. Returns to Mon Loisir, flying over the sugarcane fields of Piton.


  • 85 EUR – 20 Minutes

Cateau Vert

The plane takes off from Mon Loisir Estate and heads towards La Baie de Belle Mare. Flying over the lagoons of Poste Lafayette and Roches Noires. Takes you to Ile D’Ambre island and returns to Mon Loisir, flying over the sugarcane fields of Piton.


  • 120 EUR – 30 Minutes


The plane takes off from Mon Loisir Estate. Heads towards Belle Mare flying over the lagoons of Poste Lafayette and Roches Noires.

Takes you to Ile D’Ambre Island, Grand Baie. All the way to the Balaclava Turtle Bay on the north-western coast of Mauritius. Returns to Mon Loisir flying over Pamplemousses and Piton


  • 169 EUR – 45 minutes

Paille En Queue

Depending upon the air traffic regulations and meteorological conditions. You can fulfil your wish with the advice of the operators.

Duration: Your Personal Choice

Seaplane Tours – itinerary

  • Albatross
  • Corbijeau


The plane takes off from the sea-base located in front of the Lux Grand Gaube. Flying over both the land and sea of the north-eastern coast.

Duration: 25 or 30 minutes


  • INR 5500 for 25 minutes
  • INR 6500 for 30 minutes


  • 155 EUR – 20 Minutes
  • 170 EUR – half hour


The plane takes off from the turquoise blue sea-base located in front of Lux Grand Gaube. Fying over both the land and sea.

Let’s you discover some of the breathtaking lagoons of the island. Heading through Roches Noires and all the way to Ile aux Cerfs.


  • 272 EUR
  • Duration: 1 hour

It is an incredible feeling to see the beautiful views of the paradise island from above. Island Wings is at your disposal to make your wish come true.

So, what are you holding out for? Take off!

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