Quad Biking Mauritius

Quad Biking Mauritius in Yemen Reserve - Casela Nature Parks



Smallest Age:


Opening times:

9:00 – 17:00

Operating Days:

All Days

Excursion duration:

1 hour

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Offered as Supplement


Select single or double quad, activities start: 09am, 10:15, 11:30,
12:45, 14:00, 15:15, 16:00

Enjoy an exhilarating quad bike adventure in a stunning natural setting in Mauritius! This quad biking in Mauritius will take you on a scenic journey through Casela African Safari.(in Yemen Reserve). This activity is full of full adventure and excitement

Visit of the Casela Nature Park - World of Adventures

The reserve is home to two of the longest rivers on the island – Rivière Rempart and Rivière Tamarin. The reserve covers an area of 4500 hectares and is now a private area where you can admire native game species.

Yemen’s nature reserve is home to herds of Java deer wild boars, monkeys, mongooses, and fruit bats. There are also wild and exotic plants such as ebony, cassia, tamarind, pink pepper, and many more.

A visit to the Yemen reserve feels like you are in the middle of the African savannah

Quad biking in Mauritius at Casela Nature Parks

An hour of pure happiness to appreciate the serenity and charm of the reserve. Much more than a quad ride, it’s a real safari.

During the quad tour, you will also have the chance to see African antelopes, zebras, deer, and wild boars. Also Ostriches, and many more, which is a bonus during your quad bike tour excursion.

You can live this beautiful experience alone or in the company of your partner by sharing a double quad. There is the option of the single and double quad for 2 people availability. 13 -year-olds can join this tour with an adult in a double capacity

The quad bike tour makes it possible to discover the safari park in Mauritius. It is an easy way to observe the wild animals in their habitat.

You ride in a group of experienced guides. After the last check of this four-wheel drive, it will take a few minutes to start the four-wheel drive. The route takes you on the heels of the park, in a valley, across rivers, and while enjoying the great environment.


Casella Park is open every day except on 25 December and the first of January.
Schedule of activity: 09:00 | 10:15 | 11:30 | 12:45 | 14:00 | 15:15 | 16:00
Quad tour duration: 1 hour
Age need 16 years old least to drive a quake
Children over 12 who are at least 1.35m tall can enjoy this tour alongside an adult on a double quad.
Before starting the visit, there is an initiation circuit. The guide should assess the driving ability of each client before starting the trip.
Brands of Quads: Bombardier 400 cc automatic or Arctic Cat 500 cc automatic

Exclusive Quad Biking Safari – (Optional)

For those of you who want to enjoy Quad Safari in a more private way at your own pace. We recommend The Private Quad Safari

With the Exclusive option for the Quad, you can be sure to have personalized help. Where you will go with a personal guide, driving at your own pace without rushing or slowing down for others. Thus, you are sure to have the most rewarding quad experience

Some advantages of the Exclusive Quad biking safari

A personal guide, nothing for you and your partner
Flexibility to set the pace of the activity
You can decide when to take a break, take a photo, or spend more time at one of the lookout points.
Enjoy a face-to-face encounter with the various animals. As part of the trip, you will see deer zebras, turtles, and more…

The package consists of 1-hour safari in private quad activity and a personal guide

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Tour Duration

Start & End times:

  • It is a half day tour to Casela world of Wonder
  • About 4 to 6 hours depending to your hotel location

Casela Nature Park, West Region Operating Hours:


Exception of Saturdays until 9 p.m. for Casela by Night. (Pangia Rides,Tulawaka Gold Coaster & Wamwam Restaurant).

  • Quad Biking Activity Times: 09h15 & 14h00
  • Duration:  The duration of the Safari Quad Biking is either 1 or 2 hours, depending on your choice

Tour Price

Walk with the lion Cost Transport prices are per vehicle (not per person). You can choose the type of vehicle based on the number of passengers in your group.

  • Family car (up to 4 people): 49 EUR
  • SUV car (up to 6 people): 62 EUR
  • Minivan (up to 12): 75 EUR

Prices for transportation are per vehicle, not per person. Tickets (including tickets to all sites within that circuit).

  • Casela Ticket price 21 EUR
  • Child 15 EUR

1 Hour Quad Biking

  • Single Quad 1 person per Quad 45 EUR
  • Double Quad 2 person per quad 63 EUR

2 Hours Quad Biking

  • Single Quad person per Quad 85 EUR
  • Double Quad person per Quad 60 EUR

Exclusive Safari Quad Biking

  • Supplement for Private Quad Biking 107 EUR
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Frequently Asked Question

Each child over the age of 12 can ride as a passenger on a quad bike behind an adult. Before the ride, the instructor provide guidance and attention instruction for increased safety.

Quad biking is an exciting adventure sport. So, if you follow your mentor’s security instructions throughout your tour. It will be exciting and fun.

Rest assured that the majority of our customers are novices. Before we begin. The instructor take the time to explain the tour procedures, safety rules. You take a test ride based on how comfortable you are with driving.

The Quad activities are available in a variety of locations throughout the country.
Casela World of Adventures, Yemen Natural Reserve, Frederica Nature Reserve, and many others.
Do you have to wear a helmet on a quad bike?

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