Places to Visit in the East of Mauritius

Places to Visit in the East of Mauritius

Calm and full of authenticity. The east coast provides a tranquil setting that is distinct from the rest of the island. Windy compared to the other regions, especially during the austral winter. It brings some natural and cultural sites that are worth seeing during your visit to the area. Find out what it is possible to visit in the East of Mauritius.

Must-See Places in the East of Mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs


Located off the east coast, a few minutes by boat from Trou d’Eau Douce, Ile aux Cerfs offers a heavenly setting. Some even consider that its beaches are the most beautiful in Mauritius The soft white sand is surrounded by stunning crystal clear waters.

Dive enthusiasts can explore the underwater biodiversity by wearing a mask and snorkel. Some of the best diving spots in the area can be found here. It is also possible to swim in the surrounding area (beware of sea urchins!) and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Many nautical activities are available on-site. During this island getaway, both young and old will find something to keep them occupied. Golfers can also enjoy their sport on the excellent 18-hole course. Bernhard Langer, the famous golf champion, designed this course.

Amber Island

Located in the North-East of Mauritius, the Amber Island is home to a superb preserved mangrove. The best way to get there is by kayak.

Hiking is possible to explore the lush tropical vegetation on the island. There is also a few ruins to visit there. .

You can also relax there and swim in the turquoise water bordering the island of Amber. If kayaking does not appeal to you, you can also reach the island by boat.

Caves In The Black Rock

Roches Noires is a charming village in Mauritius’ north-east. It is possible to visit caves formed by the volcanic activity in the surrounding area.

Bats and swallows can be found in these caves, whether they are in the Madame or Princess Margaret caves.

There are also many lava tunnels connecting to the sea in Roches Noires.

Cannons Of The Devil's Point

It’s close to Mahébourg. More than twenty cannons from French colonization can be found at Pointe du Diable.

These were used to keep the British at bay as they approached Grand Port. The name of this cape comes from the fact that as boats approached the coast, their compass panicked, as if it had been the victim of a demonic act…

But, this phenomenon was caused by the metal contained in the mountain. It disrupted the magnetic field.

The Museum OF Frederick Hendrik

Located in Vieux Grand Port. This museum collects the ruins of old colonial buildings from the Dutch and French occupations. Opened in 1999, the museum is named after the stadtholder of the Province of the Netherlands.

Frederik Hendrik, who was in office between 1625 and 1647. Objects discovered during archaeological digs in 1997 can be found in this museum.

Reproductions of 17th century paintings are also available. You’ll also learn about the history of the area’s first Dutch settlers.