Deep Sea Fishing Mauritius

Deep Sea Fishing Mauritius

All you need to know before going on deep sea fishing in Mauritius also known as big game fishing.

The big predators feed about a mile from the shoreline where the bottom falls to 2,000 feet / 70 meters.

Whether a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy the thrill of catching, the Common species that you will probably catch are the Bonito, the Wahoo, the Yellow Fin Tuna, the Sailfish, the Dorado, the Blue Marlin, and the Black Marlin under the guidance of experienced skippers

We also organize big game fishing on the fish bank, which is about 200 km from Mauritius. The flourishing banks are the dream of every fisherman. You can be sure to wind in a powerful catch.

  • Departure Big Game fishing in North, South, West, East.
  • Half-Day trip 5 hrs – on a 40ft boat. (7:00am –12:30pm).
  • A Full Day trip 8 hrs – on a 40 ft boat. (7:00 am –15:30pm).
  • Transfer offers as a supplement.

The departure of our deep sea fishing trips is mainly from Grand Bay, Black River, Flic en Flac, and on the East coast, and our customers have a choice of half-day and full-day trips.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Mauritius at Black River

In modern boats are fully designed and well equipped for marlin fishing in Mauritius. It is 40 ft in length with 2 Perkins Sabre engines on the board of 130hp each.
The maximum capacity of the boat is 9 people, including 2 staff members and 7 guests who can enjoy a comfortable ride on.

Other amenities: freshwater tank and pump, toilet, bunk cooler, binoculars, and a CD player.

  • The main deck that easily suit to exhibit your decision and offers seating on the upper deck for stunning views of the ocean and surrounding area. Relax and enjoy!
  • The boat has sat in a cabin or on a covered fly deck.
  • Boat size : 40 footers (12m ) by 38 feet (11.5m)
  • Navigation Equipment : Garmin GPS, compass
  • Communication equipment : VHF radio, cell phone
  • For Safety and security : 10 life jackets, 2 lifebuoys, medical box, fire extinguisher, anchor, hand water pump, and automatic
  • The boat is equipped with Penn International reels (usually a selection of 130 lb, 80 lb, and 50 lb), harnesses, bucket, hook, hook flying, fighting chair, and a variety of lures and exciters.

Most of the Big Fishing excursions are exclusively in private and get advice from trained staff who can teach everything about fishing and also the selection of fishing techniques so that you have a trip according to your level and preferences

For single travelers, we also offer a special fishing trip at Black River which is uniquely available on a shared basis.

Our experienced crews combine their expertise to prepare you for the best lines suited to fishing conditions of the day and also take in storytelling skills. Our boats are very well equipped for your adventure with us.

The crew of the boat has committed to catching fish, so be sure they are doing their best to get Marlin on the line. It is for you to go back in!

After the bulk of the work is done, let us know if you wish to leave from your marlin or shark. It’s entirely up to you if you prefer to keep it or let it go

The ladies and children are welcome on our boat. Children prove to be sports enthusiasts and women without surprisingly often find themselves taken by the excitement of the game. Fishing, of course, is not reserved only as gentlemen.

When you want a break from fishing, we can include a stop for lunch near the island Benitiers or inside the lagoon. This is a unique opportunity to tour the beautiful virgin island while putting aside the rush of fishing for a delicious lunch, enjoy swimming, diving, and relax.

Fishing Trips

In Mauritius minimum hiring of a boat are 6 hours for a half-day trip and 9 hours full-day trip of deep-sea fishing which can be shared with up to 3 anglers.

  • Soft drinks, bottled water, and a case of local beer are supplied free of charge on board.
  • An extra cost for a provisional lunch on board.
  • You are welcome to bring along any other foodstuffs and beverages you think you may need for the duration of your deep sea charter
  • We organize the transfers to & from the fishing charter in the North, West, and East coast of Mauritius
  • Sharing the cost of a deep-sea fishing charter can be arranged depending on the request and date.


Contact us for deep-sea fishing in Mauritius. Price for a quote of half or full day in the north, east, or west coast.


  • There are a shower and a toilet on board
  • Snacks and beverages are included in the fishing activity in the wholesale full day. (Include in the price of the activity). Serve on the boat: selection of soft drinks, beers, and dry snacks.
  • The price packages for the fishing trip in Mauritius are available on request.
  • Expedition Tour organizes the transfers to & from for your fishing trips in the North, West, and East coast of Mauritius.

Expedition Tour provides big Game fishing around the Island mainly on the North, West, and East coast and we organize the transfers to & from your trip.

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