Mauritius Underwater Activities

Underwater Activities in Mauritius

As an island nation almost surrounded by a coral reef and lagoon. It’s no surprise Mauritius is home to a wide variety of underwater activities.
Mauritius is home to some of the most coral reefs and marine life in the world. Full of hundreds of colourful fish, the underwater world of Mauritius is a natural wonder.

The possibilities to discover the underwater world is large and you’ll ruin by the choice.
With various activities, convenient for all the family and friends such as:
Boat trip, Semi-submersible submarine (Nessie), Glass bottom

More adventurous activities such as:
Walking under Water, Aqua Scooter, or Scooter Adventure Underwater – Mauritius has it all!
For non-swimmers and divers, it is possible to enjoy all the underwater activities. Snorkeling enthusiasts can try our exclusive trips: Flic en Flac – Snorkelling Trip.

So be sure to book your activities well in advance and reveal this remarkable underwater world of Mauritius … Don’t miss it!

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Underwater Sea Walk Mauritius

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Underwater Submarine Trips

Mauritius Blue Safari is an adventure to the depths of Mauritius’ sea. Blue Safari in Mauritius is a unique and unforgettable trip at a depth of 35 m. On the blue Safari submarine tour, you will observe and meet different species of fish. Read More…

Underwater Scooter Adventure in Mauritius

The underwater scooter is a unique experience you can have only in Mauritius. Pilot your own submarine scooter alone or in a pair at 3-4 meters of depth and enjoy a unique experience in the world.

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