Mauritius excursions

Mauritius Excursions

Mauritius has been ranked as one of the best places to visit in the world. Many tourists come to Mauritius for holidays all year round. The possibilities for excursions in Mauritius are now varied.

Mauritius is regarded as one of the best destinations to visit in the world. Many visitors visit Mauritius for vacations throughout year. The options for trips in Mauritius are now diverse.

Mauritius Excursions Categories

  • Mauritius Land Excursions
  • Mauritius Sea & Water Excursions
  • Mauritius Underwater Excursions
  • Mauritius Flight Excursions

Various excursions in Mauritius

Mauritius Land Excursions

Join one of our many sightseeing tours and explore the magical island of Mauritius on foot, on one of our many adventure treks or treks, by jeep, and on the numerous nature trails. You will discover for yourself the diverse regions, attractions, and natural beauty of Mauritius.

Mauritius Sea & Water Excursions

Mauritius is a wonderful island paradise for all of your 

sea and water excursions and activities, with postcard-perfect beaches, crystal-clear oceans, lovely, peaceful lagoons, and breathtaking scenery. Day sails along the Mauritian coast, visits to one of the many islands that surround the mainland, other sea and water sports, and more; we have something for everyone.

Mauritius Underwater Excursions

Mauritius has some of the most stunning coral reefs and marine life in the world. The underwater ecosystem of Mauritius is a natural treasure, home to hundreds of colourful creatures. It would be regrettable to visit Mauritius without first witnessing the amazing aquatic underwater world.

Mauritius Flight Excursions

Take a helicopter, seaplane, or parachute jump to view Mauritius from above, including its magnificent beaches and coral islands.

Mauritius Excursions locations:

Below is a basic summary of the primary trip types and areas where each sort of excursion is operated.

  •  Deep sea fishing on the north, west, and east coasts.
  • Catamaran Cruises: North, West, and East Coast.
  • Safari Adventure, Southern Mauritius