Festivals in Mauritius

Festivals in Mauritius to Feel the Festive Spirit

Here is the List of 12 Festivals in Mauritius to experience the festive spirit in 2023:


1. Spring Festival in Mauritius: 25th January

Dragon Chinese Spring festival in mauritius The Chinese New Year is the greatest colourful manner. Port Louis and the Sino Mauritian Community are both brightly illuminated and bustling, lifting everyone’s spirits. Chinatown has such vibrant energy that makes it one of the most popular festivals to celebrate. You can see street lion dance, spectacular fireworks, and many other fun events in this area. Tourists are invited to join in the festivities and dance the night away with the locals.

2. The Lantern Festival- 8th February

Lantern festival at nigth It is without a doubt one of the most popular Mauritian festivals. The Chinese community comes together and holds parades, which are everything that inspires. You can feel the happiness in the air as you walk the streets. Dancing dragons are an icon of the Lantern Festival. The ferocity of it all is exciting to watch. The celebration of the Chinese New Year is on different dates each year. This is due to variations between the lunar and solar calendars. According to Chinese custom, neither scissors nor knives can be used on the day of the festival. Red – the traditional symbol of happiness – is the dominant color. The offering of food to all who are present ensures enough throughout the year.

3. Thaipoosam Cavadee – (end of January – February)

Cavadee festival Kovil Montagne This is yet another important celebrates on the island. Tamilians are part of the Mauritian community and Cavadee is dedicated to Lord Murugan. Tamilians fast for some days, offering prayers and not indulging in the pleasures of the world. On the 10th day, they come together to celebrate at different Kovil. Devotees have their tongues and cheeks pierced with pins. In a trance, they show penance by carrying the Cavavadee, a wooden structure, covered in flowers and with a jug of milk at each end.

4. Thimithi: 10th February

Thimithi festival a sacred fire walking ceremony Thimithi is a festival celebrated by the Tamil Hindus. Thimithi means “walking on fire,” which is exactly what devotees do. They go to the temple after the fasting period is finish and step on hot coals to prove their faith. After that, they soak their feet in milk to soothe the burns. It is one of the most respected events on the island.

5. Maha Shivaratree – (February – March)

Kawar for Maha Shivaratri festival Thousands of pilgrims, walk long distances and converge on the lake of Grand Bassin. The pilgrims dressed in white, carrying the “Kawar”. – Wooden arches are covered with flowers and mirrors. Celebration of Shivaratri every year in February in the honor of Lord Shiva. Hindu devotees fetch holy water from the lake, and ceremonies take place three to four days. The whole scene is reminiscent of the great ritual on the banks of the holy Ganges in India.

6. Holi Festival – (March)

Holi festival of colors in mauritius The colour festival, which is the great favorite of the Indians, is also celebrated with great enthusiasm. Bonfires are lit remembering the Goddess Holika on the eve of Holi. You can also see locals going out on the day of Holi with colourful powder and water pistols. It’s a fun way to spend time in community. There is energetic music and the drink will also serve to make it even wilder. This is one of the most vibrant festivities celebrated on the island.

7. National Day of Mauritius – 12 March

happy independence day mauritiusOn this day there are parades and festivals. Organization to commemorate the founding of the state of Mauritius on March 12, 1968.

8. Ganesh Chaturthi – (August – September)

Ganesh Chaturthi is the Ganesh God festival in Mauritius Hindu festival Celebrate on the fourth day of the lunar month in (August / September). Ganesh Chaturthi is a vibrant and colorful festival commemorates the birth of the Hindu god. Devotees’ processions dance and sing as they weave their way through the streets and the nearest sea or river.

9. Pilgrimage to Father Jacques Desire Laval: A Unique Celebration in Mauritius

Father Pere Laval at St Croix One of the traditional celebrations that occur in Mauritius. Catholics and other communities come together to visit the tomb of the most beloved Priest. This missionary is famous for his charisma. He is responsible for converting 70,000 people to Christianity. He is famous for performing miracles which led to the cross-community appeal. Mauritians of all faiths walk to Ste-Croix, Port Louis to visit Pere Laval. Every year on the 9 September.

10. Eid ul Fitr Festival – (October-November)

Celebration of Eid ul Fitr festival in Mauritius Celebration of Eid Ul Fitr in the countries by a vast Muslim community at the end of the holy month of Ramzan. The population of Muslims fasts and pray during the day.  They have community prayers going on every morning. A message of peace and blessings offers an exchange of sweets and wishes for everyone. Celebration of Eid with a lot of pomp and grandeur, making it one of the most joyous festivals.

11. Diwali (Divali) Festival or Festival of Lights – (October – November)

Divali festival of light in mauritius Diwali (Divali) is the happiest among the Hindu holidays. Celebrated in October or November. It marks the victory of Rama over Ravenna, of light (truth) over darkness, (ignorance). Divali has commemorated Krishna’s destruction of the demon Narakasuram. Small clay lamps line up walls, balconies, and yards.

12. Christmas (December 25)

Christmas festive at Caudan water front Christmas is celebrated throughout the island in the most pompous way imaginable. You can see that Santa Clause and people are caroling everywhere. Almost every shop is much decorated during season festivals.