Wedding FAQs

Can I choose my Flower Bouquet? 

Feel free to forward a photo of the shape and size of the bouquet you would prefer. In addition, you can choose the color. The florist will create bouquets using seasonally flowers, and Orchid or Roses.


How long do we have to be on the Mauritius prior the civil wedding? 

You have to be on the Island 3 working days prior your wedding ceremony. One day before the wedding, you have to be at civil status office for paper work, and then the next day you can get marry.
Please note: The wedding cannot celebrate on weekend and public holidays.


When do we receive our wedding certificate?

Three working days after the wedding, you get the married certificate with an apostil from the Prime Minister Office. The certificate is hand over to you through our Wedding Coordinator. There is no additional fee but if we have to send the document to your home address (place of resident) an additional fee of 25 Euro will be charged.


Do we take back any documents submitted to the civil status?

No, all documentation are copies and they are kept on file by the Office.


Do you organize vow renewals in Mauritius? 

Yes, please contact us for vow renewal ceremonies.


Are there cancellation charges?

There is a cancellation on the deposit.


Can you organized witnesses for our civil ceremony?

We will provide the witnesses.


When do we receive our photos?

You will receive you married photos, two days after the wedding (inclusive CD & Album).


Do you arrange religious weddings in Mauritius?

Yes, we arrange catholic and Indian weddings. Please contact us for the necessary details.


Is our civil marriage in Mauritius legal?
Yes, the Marriage Certificate is a legal document issued by The Mauritius Government and accepted internationally.


How to proceed with the documents?

Gather all the documents (legal papers) and send it to us by courier mail or, if time is running out, you can send documents by fax or email. We should receive documents at least 1 month prior to your wedding date. If you send documents by fax or email, do not forget to bring the originals with you.
Please note that documents submitted to the civil status office are copies.


It is possible also to make our own accommodation reservation?
Yes, as there are wide selections of accommodation in Mauritius but still the Civil marriage the company can organize.


How can I plan my wedding in Mauritius?
Contact Expedition Tour to make a preliminary reservation for your desired Wedding date and time. As Mauritius is a very popular travel destination, make your reservation as soon as possible. Upon receipt of a deposit, we will secure the wedding date and send you the confirmation.