Underwater Sea Walk in Mauritius

[From Monday to Sunday]

  • Location   – North (At Grand Bay)
  • Participant minimum age 10 year
  • Duration 1 hours – activity is flexible


Underwater sea walk is a unique tour, and very interesting sea activity in Mauritius which should not be missed during your holidays. Here is your opportunity to experience the world inside submarine, and make your childhood fantasy become reality: a slow somersault in the kingdom of sounders!


Underwater Sea Walk excursion starts with a motorboat transfer from the beach of Grand Bay (which is the north of the island) to a platform interior the lagoon, where you will receive a pre-departure briefing on the gear safety procedures and on the underwater walking expedition. Then, with the help of the guide you will go off board into the water to start your underwater


Description of Excursion


Sea walk is an exciting dive activity by using a safety helmet supplied by the air flow easily by running and doing activities in the water with free breathing. This adventure will encourage you to dive in the 5 to 10 meters and enjoy the beautiful ambiance underwater and face to face with beautiful colors of fish and coral reefs. It will bring you the experience of printing during your holiday in Mauritius to see live underwater and interact with fish that is accompanied by professional diving instructor.


Going for the underwater Sea Walk is like going for an underwater expedition, walking between corals, seeing variety of fish, and discovering the rich sea life underwater in the crystal clear turquoise water of the lagoon.




The overall duration of this excursion is around one hour (the walking only is 15 minutes)

Walking underwater is Suitable for everyone, over 10 years old

Combinations and flexibility underwater shoes are available and provided freely

Eyeglasses and those contact lenses may be worn during the tour (your head is completely protected from water by the helmet)

Sea walk activities can be organize for group of maximum of 15 people.

Participant does not know how to swim, can take part in this activity

Opening hours of the walk from the sea is 9:00 to 2:30 p.m.


Who should avoid?


Underwater sea walk in Mauritius is restricted within: participant who has Asthma, Heart Patient and pregnancy. In case of doubt you may consult your doctor.




  • Even if you are not participating in the underwater walk from the sea, you can always accompany the diving participant until the diving platform for a charge of 16 euros.
  • DVD for your underwater sea walk activity is available for 49 Euro.


Underwater sea walks in exclusively for 4 people (optional)

Enjoy an exciting walk under private water in the seabed (at a depth of 3-4 meters) and witness the magnificent marine life of Mauritius, wonderful wildlife, coral and a variety of fish in their natural habitat exclusivity.


Exclusive private underwater sea walk includes:


  • Private transfer by speed boat to the platform for the Walk under water
  • Walk Adventure exclusively to explore the rich marine life in the clear blue water of the lagoon.
  • A pre-departure briefing on land as well as on sea before Sea walks Expedition.
  • A DVD with photos and videos of your whole experience of walking under water


4 participants (Exclusive Underwater Sea Walk Adventure)
  • Prices for underwater sea walk adventure in exclusivity, including DVD (up to 4): 280 EUR




Shared basis Underwater Sea Walk Adventure

  • Price per Person: 37 EUR
  • Price per person Non-Diving Participant:15 Euro
  • Price for DVD: 50 EUR