February 27, 2015 – Tours in Mauritius

We had an absolutely marvelous and unforgettable experience, due in large part to you and Expedition Tour. Your expertise, patience, guidance and recommendations, and the extra touches that you have planned for us through every step of the way, combined to one of the most pleasurable experiences Real Experiences of our lives. The value of your services well worth the cost, and in fact you probably saved us a considerable amount in the general scheme. I highly recommend Expedition Tour to anyone planning a tour in Mauritius. We would certainly return, and I will contact you and Expedition Tour well in advance. Kindest personal regards, Joe


November 01, 2015 – Day trips & excursion

You have made this adventure trip the most wonderful experience my wife and I had ever had! You are among the most professional organizer, dedicated, rigorous and knowledgeable Tour operator owner I had ever had, honestly speaking. My wife and I were constantly amazed and were always talking about how you organized and thought of all the details of this trip. We had one of the most outstanding experiences of life by far!


Mar 25, 2013 – Best our operator

I do not miss to make you advertise to my friends and family, because if I compare you to many other tour operators, you are the best! It’s very sincere and you amply deserve.


April 18, June – Chauffeur driven Services

I would like to express our satisfaction with the car we rented and especially with your driver. Our program has been amended several times with a lot of expectation and it is suitable for with kindness and was always courteous and efficient. Please sincerely thank us.


I was very happy with this service, in advance, kind, sending a message the day before they are to report our driver.

3 times I use Expedition Tour and I have not finished using it!


Airport transfer

Vehicles are also very comfortable! I was supported by several drivers, all friendly and nice. A slight preference for Hans on my first trip with Expedition Tour, which I also did a mini-tour, as and when our way, pointing to the buildings that we saw from the road, and offering me and the ability to know a little Mauritius! If was a pleasure!