Scuba Diving Mauritius

The Indian Ocean is a real aquatic paradise for those who love to dive into an incredible universe. Colorful fish, shipwrecks lost in the depths of the seabed, coral gardens with striking colors … diving in Mauritius is one of the best diving in the world

Mauritius has earned a good reputation among the world scuba diving destinations, given its clear waters, the lovely temperature all year round and its rich underwater life, all combined to provide a great experience. One many choose to spend hours snorkeling in the lagoon or try the scuba diving adventure to discover the treasures beneath our sea. Beginners as well as qualified divers will find offers to their liking.


About 70 diving centres – including 50 that are affiliated to the national federation (MSDA) – offer training and certificates that are accepted worldwide, CMAS and PADI being the most widespread. The diving clubs operate within hotels or independent units. The federation puts a lot of emphasis on safety and conservation. Mauritius offers ideal diving conditions: Dive sites are close to the mainland and are within 20 minutes. The diving groups are small and initiation can be done in swimming pools or with a practical session in the lagoon among the fish.

The northern area offers interesting and rich dives of 13 meters. Madre pores colorful and abundant wildlife, wrecks casting for the purpose of artificial reefs to boost marine life … on this part of Island, you can dive all year in excellent condition. Diving around the islet with sometimes comes with a chance to see big fish and pelagic shoals


On the west coast the underwater scenery consist of a surprising volcanic profile with caves that are natural nesting places for crayfish and moray eels, not to mention the sand banks that can be ideal playing areas for majestic rays.

Due to the present of trade wind, the east coast presents highly oxygenated waters with plenty of coral and fish.

On the south east coast, one can still find wrecks of ancient ships sleeping on the sandy bottom. Mauritius has hosted in the past the World Festival of Underwater Photography.

The dives varied

Mauritius offers an underwater spectacle of great richness and extraordinary beauty. Its funds are also among the most beautiful in the world. The seabed is populated by an infinite number of multi-coloured species, explore the sea without knowing dive or swim. Each region has its specificities and its attractions. We propose to discover some over the following.

North region

Northern region offers interesting and rich dives of 13 meters. Colored stony corals and abundant wildlife, shipwrecks cast in order to create artificial reefs to boost marine life … On this part of the island. You can dive all year in excellent conditions.

Region West / South West

Canyons, caves and chimneys

Leeward coast, this region enjoys all year round from a micro climate. Here, all the dives are on the outside of the reef. The underwater landscapes of Flic en Flac have been shaped by the currents and there are canyons, chimneys or other impressive caves that you should not miss to explore … Further down the foot of the mountains of Morne Brabant and Black River, coralline site are more colorful has the East, and it is not uncommon to come across dauphins.

 Region East / Southeast

Concentration spectacular species

On the East Coast, the beautiful lagoon along the coast is dotted with passes that allow easy access to the high seas. They are rich in plankton and attract many pelagic species.

Belle Mare Pass is without doubt one of the most beautiful places of the island, the dive is enough sport because of the often strong currents. A spectacular concentration of species encountered there

Dive sites in Mauritius

Good reasons to come diving in Mauritius are numerous. Among the more interesting, we can say the proximity of the sites within 20 minutes maximum, or the opportunity to do his baptism in the pool and lagoon in the middle of hundreds of fish and corals in shimmering colors. Here, zero footprint on dive sites. In a concern for protection, the Boats are not anchored and few groups of divers per site will allow you to appreciate this fascinating world.


Popular Dive Sites

Mauritius offers the opportunity to explore various sites: You will discover a large populated fauna endemic species or unusual rich fauna

There are around 30 popular diving locations in Mauritius, all up to 40 m deep – large choice for everyone to choose from

  • Le MUR 26 m
  • Le Dja beda… Coin de mire (34m)
  • Fosse aux Requins (12M)
  • Roche Baleine (26 – 38M)
  • Récif aux Murènes (13M)
  • Aquarium de Grand Baie (14M)
  • Silver Star (39m)
  • Stella maru (24-28M)
  • Holt Rocks (16 -25M)


Troux aux biches:

  • Stenopus (38-40M)
  • Caravelles (de 9 a 28m)
  • Water lily & Emily (25m)
  • Ancre Perdue (24-30M)


West Region / southwest

Flic en Flac

  • Tug 11 (17-19m)
  • La Cathédrale (22-35M)
  • Couline Bambous (24-36m)
  • Rempart Serpent (27m)
  • Aquarium of Flic en Flac (9-20m)
  • Grand Rempart (42m)


Black River

  • La Murène (15-24m)
  • La Cheminée (14-27m)


South West Region

  • Aquarium/LA Colline (5 -18m)


Le Morne

  • Hoi Siong wreck (16-28m)
  • Casiers (28-32m)
  • La Gorgonne (14-35M)


Baie du Cap

  • St Jacques (16-32m)
  • White Tip (18-32m)


South East

  • Colorado (20 -40m)
  • Le Sirius (18-22m)
  • La grotte aux Langoustes (18-25m)
  • Roch zozo (18- 40m)


East / South East

  • Lobster Canyon (20-26m)
  • La Passe du Puit (3 – 18m)
  • Jardin japonais (19 – 24m)
  • Foret de Gorgones (22-33m)
  • Lagoon (initiation) – 3m
  • Coral garden – Jardin Des Coraux (15-18 m)
  • Anemone garden – Jardin Anémone (18 m)
  • Coral Head – Tête Des Coraux (14 m)


Diving packages and diving lessons in Mauritius

Discover the world of diving through a variety of diving packages, diving courses and diving expeditions offered in different regions of Mauritius. Both beginners and certified divers can be sure to enjoy different diving activities in perfect condition. Certified divers can choose one of our diving packages or have a theme diving program such as diving packages wreck or cave. For those who have no previous diving experience, Scuba Diving is the perfect package for you. It will allow you to test and make the diving experience for the first time and see if you like. So, get started in the excellent world of diving, discovering the great choice of dive sites on Mauritius, watching the tropical and colorful fish, searching for rare fish species, exploring spectacular caves and more .

Expedition Tour offers the most beautiful dive sites of Mauritius and snorkeling, and the addresses of the best clubs of diving, makes sure that you can learn to dive under safe and controlled conditions under the direct supervision of a PADI qualified instructors in Mauritius. You can select from our basic “one day – PADI diving lessons Introduction” to our full diving certificate programs (3 to 5 days).

On request, we can also arrange scuba diving excursions elsewhere


  • Divers need to bring their log books and diving qualification certificates.
  • Each diver must fill out a medical and liability form.

Additional information

  • On the site, you will get a general idea about different place where diving course is organized.

Diving packages

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Diving packages Price (Padi Discover Diving & Initiation Dives) in the north at grand bay – South in Tamarin (Beniter Island) and Flic en Flac please contact us