Rhumerie of Chamarel Distillery

places11In the south-west of Mauritius, at 300m altitude in the heart of the plain of Chamarel Is the Rhumerie of Chamarel.

Overlooking the road leading to the seven-color lands lined with pineapple, sugar cane and tropical fruits, the Rhumerie offers tastings of local rum distillates, guided tours, a shop and a restaurant The evolving and refined map, The Alchemist.

Visit the Rhumerie de Chamarel

One of the specialties of the Rhumerie is that it was conceived from its conception to offer a complete tourist experience. The other particularity of the Rhumerie is that it was created to produce high quality agricultural rum.

Info on or about Rhumerie de Chamarel

  • Rum de Chamarel is eco-conscious agricultural rum.

Harvested daily by hand from the first glimmer of the day, the freshly cut canes arrive in less than 4 hours at the mills of the Rhumerie.


  • This proximity, this selection and the absence of “burning” cane fields are the guarantors of a juice of the highest quality.
  • For its fermentation and distillation processes, the Rhumerie uses the most modern techniques with the greatest respect for the environment. Here nothing is lost; the bagasse, cane fiber collected after the extraction of sugar, is transformed into energy, the smoke is cleaned, the ashes used in the fields and the water vapors recovered for the watering of the gardens.
  • Opening days: Monday to Saturday Opening hours: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm