National Botanical Garden

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The botanical garden of Mauritius is the home of a wide variety of tropical plants and many of them are indigenous.

The botanical garden, known as Sir Seewoosagur Botanic Garden, is one of the most popular sights tours of Mauritius which is situated near Port-Louis  in the district of Pamplemousse.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most representative icons of Mauritius. The Pamplemousses Gardens – a living testimony of one of the grandest epics of the Western world: that of the conquest of spices – remains a unique site when you visit Mauritius.


Created in 1729, the Pamplemousses Garden bears testimony to the stake and the influence the Mascarenes had on the development of spices. Originally meant for the cultivation of food crops, cassava was thus successfully introduced and Pierre Poivre gave it a new boost. He made all the navigators and explorers bring fruit trees, spices, attractive plants and palm trees from all tropical areas around the world.


Today you can discover 600 species of trees (spices, rare essences: ebony and teak, numerous fruit trees) of which there are 80 species of palm trees; the Pamplemousses Garden is an ocean of lushness awakening all the senses.


Take your time and stroll in the majestic alleys and discover plants and trees make the most of the freshness of the place and immerse yourself in its exotic scents and fragrance. Explore the pool of the giant water-lilies (Victoria Regia) a native to the Amazon region, the Brazilian King Palms, Palmyra Palms, Bottle Palms, Travelers Trees and the Talipot Palms, which flower once after 40 to 60 years and then die. Other star attractions include the decorative golden bamboo and the giant bamboos are raffia, sugar, toddy, fever, fan and even sex palms. Savor the smells – ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, camphor, lemon, eucalyptus, sandalwood and others. Standing beside the more conventional mahogany, ebony and fig trees, you’ll see the marmalade box tree, the chewing-gum tree, the fish poison tree and the sausage tree. There is a 200-year-old Buddha tree and, for Christians, the cross tree, with leaves shaped like a cross. You can visit the Java Deer reserve and the giant Aldabra tortoise’s park.


In the garden you will also find the Mon Plaisir castle. This mansion was built by the British in the middle of the 19th Century and it is a historical monument.

Before you leave this temple of verdure you should not miss to see the main gate which was a gift from François Liénard. This magnificent gate in wrought iron won a prize in 1862, at Crystal Palace in England for its dazzling design.


  • Full visit of Botanical garden   – Pamplemousse
  • Local guides are available for a guided tour of the gardens
  • Depart: 9.30 at hotel in the west & Touessrok, St Geran , long beach departure at 9am
  • Return: Around 2.30 pm
Full Day tour
  • Private tour in a family car (up to 4 people): 76 Euro
  • Private tour in a SUV car (up to 6 people): 76 Euro
  • Private tour in a minivan (up to 10): 109 Euro