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The beautiful Island Mauritius, about 1600km east of Madagascar, has endless sugar cane plantations, dramatic mountains, a vibrant cultural mix and some of the finest beaches and aquamarine lagoons in the Indian Ocean.


The unique island destination cast adrift in the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean; Mauritius can stake a convincing claim to being a piece of paradise, rightly attracting those seeking romance, pampering and the perfect white-sand beach. They who come here ever leave disappointed, as the lively and warm people, the relaxed vibes and the music of everyday life are likely to leave an even greater impression on any visitor than even the most sumptuous palm-fringed beaches, luxurious hotels and crystal-clear waters.


The island of Mauritius offers not only some of the best beaches you’ve ever come across, there is so much more to discover, whether it be trekking in the lush volcanic landscape, exploring the island’s fascinating colonial past in its numerous villas, museums visits and the many shopping opportunities or on horseback to hidden treasures and waterfalls and the walk with the lion’s Adventure – each trip will be an unforgettable and exciting experience.


Despite the British being the last colonial power to dominate the region, it’s actually the French influence that permeates and informs the experience of Mauritius today. In all its magic, the island has a unique cultural blend and brings this dream destination closer to you with its exceptional insider information and strives to help you experience the very best that Mauritius has to offer including finding the perfect accommodation, wedding venue, adventure trip and car hire for your holiday.


Mauritius an island in movement that, while maintaining intact its traditions and its character, offers every season new opportunities to be seen and enjoyed. In short: everything that befits the image of a place for a truly special vacation.