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The Valley of Ferney Forest and Wildlife Reserve

The history of this gem of the Indian Ocean begins with the disembarkation of the first Dutch settlers in the South East of Mauritius, at the village of Ferney. Ferney will remain the birthplace of Mauritius. Moreover, for future generations, its valley aspires to be a privileged sanctuary to promote awareness of the need to preserve its biodiversity.

At the heart of a protected zone over 200 hectares chiseled by the progressive eradication of exotic plants obstructing the survival of indigenous species, hikers will have the privilege to admire, under the supervision of an experienced guide, the only know colonies of Eugenia bojeri (Bois clou) and Pandanus macrostigma (Vacoas) on the planet.

Ferney is also home to the last endemic birds of the island, such as the rare Mauritian Kestrel (Falco punctatus), the Pink Pigeon and the big Green Indian Parakeet the Mauritian bat and several species of geckos.

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