Helicopter tour

[Operating every day from 6.00 – 18.00 at Mauritius Airport]


  • Southern part, Eastern part, Mauritius Exclusive flight helicopter
  • Helicopter tour: 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes Exclusive Flight


Must during your stay in Mauritius! Opt for a helicopter flight over the most beautiful sites of the island and discover breathtaking views of the sky. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover unique places in the world. An original and sensational discovery that you will remember! Emotions are guaranteed!

It is also an occasion to capture different eras of our genesis of the island. Flying over the rest of the volcanoes, including savannahs, prairies, higher and lower plains, calderas, trays and reliefs dating back millions of years that followed is a moment that remains infinitely!

An unmissable tour that is worth seeing, and we highly recommend.


Overflying Mauritius, a magical experience 


We offer our customers the opportunity to discover Mauritius in a whole new way- from the sky!

Enjoy Exclusive Flight Helicopter, from the international airport of Mauritius; it takes you over spectacular landscapes for an amazing discovery and unique air of the island. This remarkable flight will be one of the best moments of your vacation on the island paradise.

The flight guided helicopter takes place on the part of Mauritius offering a panorama where successive magnificent lagoons, pristine coastline, undulating expanses of sugar cane fields and other scenic sites.

In the 1-hour helicopter flight you will discover east, north and south coast of Mauritius including Port Louis the central city, Flic en Flac, Black River, Le Morne, Chamarel 7 colored earth, waterfalls and black river gorges then back to the airport.

You are sure to experience a truly rewarding experience you will cherish forever.


Advantages of the Guided Tour Helicopter Exclusive


  • Enjoy a flight in the airport Private Helicopter with only your partner / guests and you.
  • Enjoy a fully customized flight itinerary according to your wishes
  • The driver will be your personal guide and inform you about the history, the geography of Mauritius and landmarks that you will fly with fantastic scenery.
  • Admire the incredible nature that Mauritius has to offer and explore the deep winding valleys, mountain ranges, coastal breathtaking, white sand beaches, national parks and nature reserves of the island.


About the Guided Tour by Helicopter Mauritius:

The helicopter crew will welcome you on arrival at the SSR International Airport and provide personalized service. Once ready, you will board a helicopter Bell Jet Ranger equipped with four passenger seats. Throughout the helicopter, the commercial pilot – trained to the highest safety standards – will provide an overview of Mauritius. You will also have some anecdotes about the geography and environments of the countries along the way.


By joining a helicopter flight routes, you will participate in one of the most exciting sightseeing flights safely and surrounded by a dedicated team of customer service. You will see much more than you imagined on board the helicopter. And, like many previous guests, you’ll want to tell all your friends on your flight!

Each flight with us is unforgettable.

This Guided Tour Exclusive airport by the helicopter ensures a clear view of the interesting sites of Mauritius and offers many opportunities for postcard clichés that can be envied.


Guided Tour Helicopter Exclusive – Itinerary


We can provide a wide choice of routes for Exclusive Guided Tour in the airport Helicopter.

Treat yourself and your friends, family or partners a memorable helicopter ride. As part of this exclusive package, you can choose between 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes flight guided by helicopter.


Helicopter ride flight routes:


30 minutes


The 30 minutes helicopter flight offers two options to discover the Southern part under route A and the Eastern part of Route B start at the airport.

  • The Route A from airport to Black River Gorges, Grand Bassin, and Earth 7 colors Chamarel Waterfalls and Forest, Le Morne View and back to SSR airport
  • Route B from airport to Grand Port, Mountain Lion, Cerf Island, East Coast and back airport


45 minutes


The 45 minutes helicopter flight offers two options to discover the East part under route A and the East part of Route B start from the airport.

  • Route A from airport to Grand Port, Cerf Island, East Coast, Grand Bay, Port Louis, The Mountain Pieter Both and back airport
  • Route B from airport to Grand Bassin, Kanaka Crater, The Black River Gorges, Flic en Flac, Black River, and Earth 7 colors Chamarel, Cascades, Coast South and back to airport


60 minutes


Find the most attractive sites and places of interest in Mauritius, such as – Airport / East Coast / West Coast / West Coast / Port Louis / Flic en Flac / Black River / Le Morne / Earth Chamarel 7 colors Chamarel and Cascades / The Black River Gorges / Airport


Guided tour by helicopter from the airport – Comments and limitations:

  • The departure of the helicopter is from the airport, then to monuments and sites depending on your route.
  • Please note please that you have a choice between 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes of any exclusive guided by helicopter.
  • The fleet includes modern helicopters only, each with a capacity of 4 passengers.
  • A helicopter pilot training and experience, in line with global safety standards, will guide you throughout your incredible journey.
  • Just in case of three or more passengers, the flight is offered only in the permitted weight limit.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for a cost of helicopter ride in Mauritius or for helicopter tour video .