Driving Mauritius

Mauritius allows large fleets of rental vehicles that are managed by international companies and local rental due to its pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, and excellent road infrastructure which combines to make self-driving a viable and enjoyable option. The best way to explore Mauritius by car, here are a few tips to enhance your trip.


Car hire

Most car rental companies are represented at Mauritius international airport and in most cities Centre. Vehicles may generally be picked up at one place and dropped off at another [lace, subject to a fee.

If you don’t have a particular insurance cover, it is advisable to take out the insurance offered by the vehicle rental companies. Most car hire rental accept master and visa card.


Driver’s licenses

Foreigners can drive in Mauritius with an International Driving Permit during their holiday provided it bears the photograph and signature of the holder. It is worth confirming requirements with us when making your booking.

The additional drivers must be identified on the car rental contract form, when you are hiring your desired vehicle. Remember to carry your entire originals document with you when you travel as traffic officers will expect to see it if they stop you for any reason.


Keep Left

All traffic is generally required to keep left driving. Mauritius drives on the left-hand side of the road. Foreigners with a driving license issued by their respective countries are allowed to drive during their stay in Mauritius.

All distances, speed limits (and speedometers) are marked in kilometers.


Seat Belts

Wearing of seat belts is compulsory. Not wearing seat belt is and offense and fines Mobile phone while driving

The use of mobile phones while driving is an offense; it is advisable to use a vehicle phone attachment or hands-free kit if you want to speak on your mobile phone.


Alcohol Limitation

In Mauritius, drinking and driving are prohibited you are not allowed to have more than 50mg of alcohol in the bloodstream.


Road Tolls

There are no road tolls in Mauritius.