Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth

places2Chamarel a small village located in the south is one of the best views of the island.

What makes this place unique and a must-visit in every traveller’s guide book are the seven colored sand layers. It is a unique phenomenon which delights and attracts people from afar

The small village of Chamarel is also known for its many waterfalls close enough to each other. The highest of them falls from a height of more of100 meters. The view is accessible by stairs and is ideal for a sulfide with Mother Nature! The village of Chamarel is also famous for its seven colored earth. This phenomenon is explained by the cooling at different temperatures of volcanic rocks, resulting in the dunes of seven distinct colors. There is also an adventure park with intermediate challenges amid natural scenery, ideal for young people and group holidays!

Info on or about Chamarel

  • For photographers, it is advisable to visit Chamarel coloured earth during midday to not be bothered by the shadows in front of the waterfall and plains that are very contrasting.
  • Do not miss the Chamarel Rum
  • In village Chamarel, there is also an adventure park and do no miss the curious corner
  • Entrance fee is 5 Euros