Car Rental FAQ

What are your opening hours?

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 to 17:00

Sunday and Public Holiday: 8:00 to 14:00

Our office hours (GMT +4:00) are:


What to do in case of an accident?

If you have an accident with your hired car or you are implicated into an accident, please consider the following: Inform Expedition Tour Ltd Car Rental immediately, within 2 hours (on your reservation confirmation you find the 24-hour-Hotline). Contact the nearest Police Station within 2 hours and receive a police report. With return of the vehicle, you have to sign a damage report, in order to get the necessary self-participation refunded.


Is Mauritius prevails to left hand traffic?

Yes. On Mauritius, the same traffic rules are valid as in Great Britain. The steering wheel in your rented car is on the right side.


How old I must be in order to be allowed to rent a car in Mauritius?

The minimum age for driving a car in Mauritius is 21 years. A supplement of Rs 100 per day will be charged for drivers under 23 years and the amount for the excess is Rs 25.000.


Do I need an international driving license in Mauritius?

A driving license from your country is sufficient and must be valid of at least one year.


Do I have to deposit locally a bail for my hire car?

Yes. A deposit is required for the excess of the self-participation for the insurance (CDW). You can deposit the self-participation either by credit card, which is issued on the main driver or by cash security in national currency with the delivery of your rented car locally. Your credit card is loaded only in the case of loss, damage or accident and maximally up to the height of the agreed upon self-participation (in national currency). You receive back the cash security with return of the rented car.


How can I pay my hire car?

All payments can be done by credit card (Visa or Master Card) or by cash payment. For online reservation, you can pay your hired car alternatively by bank.  For reservation guarantee we require 30% deposit. The outstanding amount is payable on delivery of the car.


Where can I pick-up and return back the hire car in Mauritius?

You determine the place. Expedition Tour Car Rental supplies to all places on Mauritius including Airport, specified in the booking form, and/or fetched from these. On request, we can arrange also deviating places. Pick-up and return place do not have to be identical thereby. For hotel delivery, you have to specify the name of the hotel in the booking form.


How do I return back my hire car in Mauritius?

You can return your hired car to our head office in Quatre Bornes free of charge or we also come and collect the car at any place on the island against payment of a fee. By airport return a co-worker of the car rental agency will wait for you in the agreed upon time at the airport departure hall, in order to recover the vehicle. With hotel recovery, a co-worker of the car rental agency will visit you at the agreed time at reception desk, in order to fetch the vehicle. In principle, all vehicles have to be return in the same condition, as it was taken over. In addition, the level of the tank must be the same one as with assumption.


How do I receive my rented car in Mauritius?

You determine Place and time of the delivery. With airport delivery, a co-worker of the car rental agency will await you with a nameplate at the exit of arrival hall. With assumption at the airport, we need the indication of the flight number and arrival time. With hotel delivery a co-worker of the car rental agency will deliver the vehicle at the agreed upon time. For the delivery, you need the printed reservation confirmation. Car rental delivery around the island and at airport is against payment of a fee. You can also pick-up your car rental at our head office in Quatre Bornes free of charge.


Which car rental model do I receive?

Reservation and confirmation are valid in principle for your selected model. If your model should not be available nevertheless once, we will supply a vehicle of a similar or higher category at the same price.


Is there a minimum renting duration?

Yes. Normally, we have package price for 3 to 6 days, 7 to 15 days and 16+ days but minimum of the renting duration are 3 days. A favorable price can be offered for long term rentals.

Can I book a car hire online?

Yes, you can do an online reservation of a hire car. We will confirm availability and send you reservation confirmation voucher. For reservation less than 24 hours before car rental delivery please contact us by phone.