Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius is home to a stunning collection of indigenous plant and animals. September to January is the flowering season, the best time to visit the park. You will be surprised by the splendor of this lovely nature offered by the Black River Gorges National Park. The park covers an area of 6,754 acres or 2% of dense native hills and forests in the mountainous southwestern part of Mauritius.

This park is home to an amazing collection of native plants and animals. September to January is the flowering season, the best time to visit the park.

Stroll through the lush greenery or for a real hike to discover the fauna and flora of this part of the island, a really worthwhile expedition. You will find a fascinating waterfall, spectacular river, beautiful picnic areas, a Grand Canyon and pristine mountain ranges. The scenic view is amazing, that will be remembered!

Once embark on the local forest, enjoy the natural beauty breathtakingly! The national park is a sanctuary to about 311 native flowers, endemic plants and 9 species of birds, with a population of giant bats. Among them, some species of birds are threatened with extinction.
These species are the kestrel, the Mauritius parakeet, the pink pigeon, the black dogfish, the carpenter’s blackbird and the green-eyed bird. You can also cross the path of a wild boar, monkeys and wild deer!

Hiking trails of the Black River Gorges National Park

  • Maccabee Forest – 14 km round trip from Petrin, moderate trail (loop trail).
  • The Macchabée Trail – 10 km from Petrin at the Visitor Reception Center (arduous path through the Macchabée ridge – less difficult by the Colophanes track).
  • The Long Mare Loop – 12 km round trip of Petrin (Medium Track).
  • The Grosse Cateau Verte trail – 8 km to the Visitors Center, connecting Plaine Champagne to the Gorges (Arduous and steep trail).
  • The Black River Piton – 9 km round trip, moderate trail (rather an easy trail except the climbing of the summit. Start at 500 m after the entry of the Gorges Point of View).
  • Straw-tail Trail – 3 km round trip from Alexandra Road to Plaine Champagne Road (Moderate Trail).
  • Savanne sud – 6 km round trip at the end of the road Les Mares, panoramic views of the coast (easy track).
  • Bel Ombre – 18 km round trip from Plaine Champagne to the park boundaries (Despite the gentle slopes, the 400 m return climb is a challenge).
  • Cascade des Galets (Cascade 500 feet) – 3 km round trip (steep and difficult descent near the waterfalls).

Practical information on the National Park Black River Gorges

  • Region: West.
  • Opening/Closing Time 8 am to 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm.
  • No entrance fee but there is a guided tour.
  • For more information on hiking, call Expedition Tour on (230) 427 5919
  • Provide: appropriate clothing and footwear, change of clothes, food, water bottle, sunscreen, mosquito cream, and first aid kit

* Prepare your day trip in advance and do not forget to check the weather conditions the day before.