About Us

In full and satiated operation since 2005, Expedition Tour Ltd, duly licensed by the Ministry of Tourism & Leisure has fruited to a well-proven reputation among the other eminent tour operators in Mauritius.

For over 15 Years, we have been engaged unswervingly to provide excellent and unique service and make our client’s visit to Mauritius an exceptional exploration that will be stamped on their memory.

We have worked for our reputation aiming at excellence through years of experience, novelty, honesty, and professional standards to merit the proficiency that our clients need and desire.


Our eligible staffs are dedicated to providing personalized service by making the visitors from worldwide feel relaxed and welcome as we have a massive awareness of this dream destination sphere.  We propose a complete choice of land and sea tours and excursions activities. Reliable and dynamic team is ready to guide visitors through each of them


Our Aim

Our goal is to become the extended adventure Tour Company of Mauritius without forgetting our origins and fundamental values.  We pull out all the stops to provide our clients with the superior services and utmost of memories and simultaneously we are in the hope to revitalize the splendor of paradisaical island.


Our Key Value

Our key values are imbued with confidence, reliance, dedication and the joy and elation of sharing.  We repose much confidence in our workforce as they strive hard to satisfy our clients at 100%.  We are highly unswerving to provide excellent adventure experiences to our clients and this denotes that they can undeniably rely on us even after they have reached their country.  There is no better bliss to share with us by sharing the gigantic magnificence of Mauritius and the far-fetched hospitality of its people with our clients.


Ecological concern

We believe and strictly follow the motto “Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footsteps”

Expedition Tour Ltd, is an officially licensed company (LN: 01434), registered under Business Registration no. C08048236 and VAT Registration number VAT20273653. Expedition Tour Ltd. (online since 2005) provides online Mauritius travel services directly to the end consumers (i.e. tourists) for English, French and German speaking people from all over the world.