Aapravasi Ghat World heritage site

places10The Aapravasi Ghat immigration Depot is the last remnant of a typical depot established in Mauritius during the second part of the 19th century to gather Indian immigrants and indentured laborers. Many Mauritians begin retracing ancestors on this site that was reaches by more than 500,000 immigrants between 1834 and 1920. It carries immense symbolism associated with the official commemoration of the arrival of the Indian immigrant’s celebration each 2nd November.

Through the system of denatured laborers, the British wanted to show the 8world that labor of free men and women could be more efficient and profitable than slavery. The experience was a success and was renewed in other British colonies as well as in French Dutch and Spanish colonies.

More than 2 million individual were finally deported from Africa and Asia to the colonies

Today, the Aapravasi Ghat is run by the Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund and is definitely a must see when in Port Louis.


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